He went for the first option

Visual Objects surveyed 983 people familiar with digital currency about how they use and perceive it, including 157 cryptocurrency owners.People believe that cryptocurrency is primarily used to purchase stocks (40 percent) and illegal items (30 percent).Cryptocurrency Began on the Black Market but Can Now Lead to Positive ChangeThe first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, initially grew popular on the black market. Now, though, larger businesses are beginning to accept it as a form of payment:Microsoft accepts bitcoin as payment in its Xbox storeOverstock currently accepts and holds multiple forms of cryptocurrencyKFC Canada accepts bitcoin as payment for foodExpedia accepts bitcoin to purchase flights and other forms of travelEven Microsoft founder Bill Gates sees cryptocurrency as a means of achieving income equality.”If we were building a financial system from scratch today, we’d do it on a digital platform,” Gates said. “Digital can lower the cost of a range of transactions by as much as 90 percent, providing nearly universal access to innovative financial products and services.”In the past, though, Gates has also strongly denounced cryptocurrency, given its anonymity.Overall, only 16 percent of people familiar with cryptocurrency have actually invested in it, indicating that cryptocurrency’s stereotypes may be impacting its adoption potential..

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