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Who We Are


100percent life international is a ministry focused on helping this generation live their life fully, wholely and without limitation.

We achieve this by helping people discover purpose, teaching the principles of living fully and introducing them to God as a father.

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our president

Omo Henry-Egbo is the founder and president of 100percent life international.

Omo is a student of God’s word, a teacher, an ordained minister for over 13yrs and a seasoned broadcaster.

Armed with a heart for the young people in Africa, an anointing and instruction upon her life to pump inspiration into the young African hearts, she is determined to set their hearts on fire while introducing them to God as a father, just as she has known him.

She has degrees in computer science, media production and theology.

She is also a proud and grateful child of God, a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, mentor, instructor, counsellor and friend to many.

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Pride in Each Service

hold life changing events

online counselling sessions

produce talk-shows

write life changing books